Our Offer

At Seas Financial, we like to provide certainty and clear expectations about our pricing.

For $1000 , we will call the IRS on your behalf, order IRS account transcripts, and tell you exactly where you stand with the IRS. From there, we will have a consultation about your realistic options and possible outcomes. If you choose to  move forward with our representation, your $1000 will be applied to the pricing. Also, if you owe less than $25,000 and you just want the lowest possible Installment Agreement without a financial analysis, we will negotiate that for $1000 as well. It's as simple as that.


Read below to learn more about the resolution cycle that is involved in the typical IRS case.


  1. You tell us your story
  2. We review your communications from the IRS
  3. You give us a basic overview of your financial status
  4. We give you a preliminary and realistic idea of what you could expect
  5. We call the IRS directly, if appropriate.
  6. We develop our strategy for a favorable resolution


  1. We immediately file a Power of Attorney so IRS has to go through us
  2. We put a hold on collections and/or release levies, as appropriate
  3. IRS Transcripts are also pulled to see what IRS claims you owe
  4. Collection Statute Expiration Dates are determined to see when IRS has to collect
  5. We establish Compliance by filing any necessary missing returns

Financial Analysis

  1. You fill out our Financial Worksheet
  2. We collect the necessary income and expense documentation, as needed
  3. We strategize about how we can maximize IRS allowable expenses and exemptions
  4. Our financial team completes the IRS Form 433A, 433B, or 433F, as appropriate
  5. We submit to the appropriate IRS agent or department

Successful Resolution

  1. We propose the best resolution to the IRS
  2. Go to Appeals, if necessary
  3. We file for a penalty abatement to remove penalties and interest on penalties, if appropriate
  4. We consult in identifying the cause and finding the cure for incurring liabilities
  5. Monitoring of account to prevent default is also available